Mr.Sakthivel!!!You made my day!!!You one more time proved that this world is meant for winning and not to lose!!!!!

Many a times i wonder why we always have greedy people around us than someone who is willing to fight the world in proving that he can win against all odds!!!!

This great man is one such guy who can tell in simple language what is the real meaning of living a life!!!

Many take aways from him on this 6 Minute wonderful Video!!!!

1.He is too composed.
2.Remembers all his worst moments and sharing it without any inhibitions!!!
3.Takes life very positively.No Regrets!!!
4.Thanks people who supported him.
5.very strong on his basic belief and will die for sticking to it.
6.Not at all greedy about others who is above him.

The Most Cherished part of this video is”The Moment you ask for help from someone you lose”

He never asked a help which is a write off!!!.

Hats off man!!!!

every time when i see this piece of video,i am getting a new thought on it!!!!

We need more shakthivel’s in this country!!!

Please share this as i sincerely believe,that this will create a very positive impact on everyone once they had a chance of seeing this.

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Being Grounded makes you fly high always!!!!

One of the most important quality a leader should have is being grounded!!!!

Many of us don’t understand what it exactly means.the basic problem for all of us is we cultivate a sort of professional ego over a period of time, and all our success makes it grow further to a level where, we will start believing that what we think is only right and we can only take the best decisions.

but in reality “all weather good leaders” always knows how to control their professional ego and how to lend ears to your team members thoughts and ideas.

The basic difference between “all weather good leaders” and “fair weather good leaders” is the being grounded always!!!!

i have seen many examples on both the leadership in my entrepreneurship.

    how it helps???

we often miss realising that our team members also carry the same passion as we are in making things great.this results in underestimating their abilities many a step back approach will helps us in understanding their point of view and

many a times there are chances that their point of view can be much better than ours!!!

secondly,this gives confidence to your team in presenting their thoughts to you than they thinking of how you perceive it and react to it.

while we know this comfortability is essential for our business to achieve greater heights,you should also know how to curtail meaningless suggestions as many a people will start giving those just for the sake of they making their presence felt.

the “fair weather good leaders” often fail to understand this and they will either never allow anyone to share their thoughts or they will allow every one to vomit every possible thoughts which will in turn drag the business to a different corner altogether.

on the other hand“all weather good leaders” makes it very clear to their team members that they are always open for new ideas provided that need to be double validated before presenting it.this gives an interest to the contributing team members to present innovative ideas and thoughts and also eliminates the “sake of contributing guys”

if you want your team to be a great team it is very important for you to make them feel that they are equal to you!!!!

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மீண்டும் மீண்டும் நான்!!!!

ஒரு வழியா நானும் மறுபடியும் பிளாகிங் திரும்பி ஆரம்பிக்க போகிறேன்.

அதுவும் தமிழ்ல!!!!!

பார்ப்போம் இது எத்தனை நாளைக்குன்னு!!!!

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Rajni Dialogues!!!!The Evergreen Star of India!!!!

I am a fan of Rajnikath right from my school days.Am yet to see an actor who has the fan following which Rajni has!!!

Hope you enjoy this Video!!!!!

Rajinikanth Movie Dialogues – YouTube.

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Remembering Steve Jobs – 2012 Tribute Video from Apple

I Love this video.

While i agree with many others on steve not being a great manager,i adore him for his passion in delivering things which will impact peoples life very positively.

Also i admire him for his zeal in believing that there is nothing called near perfect apart from being perfect!!!!

Hope you all love this as the way i am!!!!

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